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:: ​Vice-Chancellor for Research- dr . emami ::
 | Post date: 2018/06/20 | 

Vice-Chancellor for Research: Dr. Mahmoud Emami Namini (State Doctorate - doctorat d'État - in Private Law from France)
  • Member of the founding body of University
  • Eternal Figure of the University
  • Head of the Law Department (MA programme of Private Law)
  • Legal Counselor of the University
  • Member of Executive Board of Staff Employment
  • Member of Elected Committee
  • Member of the Reconsideration Board of Settlement of Administrative Offences
  • Books:
-  تألیف کتاب «بررسی تطبیقی نهادهای قضایی و تربیتی کودکان و نوجوانان بزهکار» انتشارات دانشگاه علامه محدث نوری 1381
  • Articles in scientific journals:
  - نظام حقوق کیفری در مصر باستان» پژوهشنامۀ علوم انسانی دانشگاه مازندران شماره 2- 1380
  - جایگاه حقوقی زن نزد ساسانیان» متن کامل مقاله در مجموعۀ مقالات همایش علمی بررسی وضعیّت حقوق زنان در نظام حقوقی ایران- دانشکدۀ حقوق و علوم سیاسی دانشگاه مازندران 1382
  - بطلان یا صحّت تعلیق در اعمال حقوقی» ، مجلّۀ علمی پژوهشی مطالعات اسلامی دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد شماره 63- 1383
  - مهرّیۀ سنگین و پیامدهای آن، مجلۀ علمی I.S.C. دانشکدۀ علوم انسانی دانشگاه سمنان شماره 14- 1385
  - ماهیّت مَهر و نقد مهرّیه های سنگین» مجلۀ علمی پژوهشی مقالات و بررسیها، دانشکدۀ الهیّات و معارف اسلامی دانشگاه تهران شماره 86- 1386
 - ارائه مقاله در همایش منطقه ای نور: یکصد سال قانونگذاری ایران در قلمرو آیین دادرسی کیفری مورخ 89/9/18 تحت عنوان "دادرسی کیفری در ایران باستان"
  - شرح و نقدی بر ماده 691 قانون مدنی مجله علمی پژوهشی حقوق و علوم سیاسی پژوهشگاه فلسفه و حقوق تطبیقی دانشگاه تربیت معلم تهران 91/4/31
 - کتاب بررسی فقهی حقوقی شرط عدم تمکین در نکاح دائم با همکاری آقای کریم راجی ، انتشارات دانشگاه علامه محدث نوری 1395
  - مقاله بررسی تطبیقی تعهدات بانک گشاینده در دستورالعمل اعتبار اسنادی داخلی ریالی و مقررات یو سی پی 600، با همکاری آقایان دکتر عبدالحمید مرتضوی و محسن آقا پور، پژوهشنامه حقوق تطبیقی دانشگاه مازندران سال اول شماره اول 1394
 - مقاله بررسی تطبیقی عقیم شدن هدف قرارداد در حقوق ایران و انگلیس ، ارایه شده و منتشره در دومین کنفرانس بین الملی علوم تکنولوژی و مهندسی استانبول ترکیه 2016، با همکاری خانم پریسا مشایخی و آقای دکتر علی محمد زاده.
Domain of responsibilities in the Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology:
In line with the research policies of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and as an attempt to implement the rules and guidelines approved by the University’s Trustee Committee, this Vice-Chancellery undertakes all the responsibilities related to the research and projects conducted at the university. The primary goal of this office is to set the ground for improving the status of scientific research both quantitatively and qualitatively. To this end, the office observes the advancement of research affairs for the promotion of scientific status of the academic members. Feeling the need to establish the Industry Liaison Office in 2009, the office has made an attempt to broaden the scope of the University’s scientific and technical cooperation with the industry and executive organizations within the framework of the country’s emerging needs and welcomes scientific research projects proposed by the academic members to tackle over the manufacturing, technological, industrial and economic problems of the country in accordance with the sublime goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim to reach full independence and autonomy.  
The office supervises the research and scientific activities of the academic members and their effects on the promotion of staff’s academic status and rank; it also examines the affairs related to the collection of research documents and their submission to the Promotion Committee or Board of Trustees. More particularly, the office monitors the following affairs:
  • Academic members’ sabbatical leaves, grants and fellowship
  • Participation of academic staffs in  international conferences
  • Signing contracts for conducting research projects
  • Publication of academic members’ books and research products
  • Holding scientific conferences and seminars and inviting prominent scientific figures and high-ranking officials through arrangements with the chancellor of the university
The Computer Site of the university with 100 computer sets and the Central Library (established in 1996) with 24000 technical books and the research journals are at the service of the students, academic members and researchers.
Finally, the Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology has as its ambition to suggest and put into practice appropriate strategies for dissemination of innovative and constructive ideas and advanced technology, move the frontiers of science and address the country’s needs. 
Meeting with the Vice-Chancellor:
Day: Monday          Time: 11
(After pre-arrangements only)
Mobile: 0911- 1112011 (Text messages only)
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