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 Technological      Enterprises Incubator Center

Triangular Centers act as bedrock for the growth of Third Generation Universities via entrepreneurship, value/wealth generation and sociocentrism.   



Knowledge-based Technological                        University- Industry Linkage

Enterprises Incubators

  Figure 1 Triangular Center


Entrepreneurship has been identified as the driving engine for a comprehensive development and growth of all the countries. Three main reasons to turn attention to entrepreneurship are the generation of wealth, productive employment and development of technology. According to some scholars, the need for an entrepreneurial revolution has been felt more strongly in today's societies than in the past during industrial revolution.      

Types of Universities

University is considered as a social institution with more than 800 years of history. It aims to create knowledge and technology (educational and research) and provide tailored services to the needs of society with respect to the most wanted commodities.

First Generation


First Scientific Revolution

Second Generation


Second Scientific Revolution

Third Generation




Value and Wealth


Figure 2 Developmental Trend of Universities

Job Triangle

Generally, the main types of employment status are a) employee b) self-employed and c) entrepreneur. Graduates from an Entrepreneurial University are the ones who don't seek employment after finishing their studies but individuals with the potential to offer jobs and entrepreneurial innovation with reliance on their educational experiences and available opportunities.

A Marketable Wealth / Value Chain in University-based Entrepreneurship

In an entrepreneurial university, a wealth/value chain (economic, cultural, social and political) is created through the design and development of a triangular center consisting of Entrepreneurship, Technology Units Incubators and University-industry Linkage. The chain is then offered to the society (i.e. industry) through which the commercialization of the university's knowledge and developed technology is reached. The chain comprises the following:

1. Opportunity

2. Idea, creativity and innovation

3. Business plan

4. Licenses

5. Products/services

6. Human capital

7. Enterprise/firm

8. Trade name

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