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:: History of establishment and organization of the Institute ::
 | Post date: 2013/07/1 | 

  Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University or AMNU

 formerly named an Institute of Higher Education) was founded in 1996 through an official license from Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) with the mission to advance knowledge, science and technology, and train competent and creative talents at undergraduate and graduate levels. The university is located in the tourist town of Nūr in Mazandaran, the homeland of Haj Mirza Hossein Mohaddes Nouri, after whom the university was named, and has been working in close association with the University of Mazandaran in all aspects of education including the regulations, discipline, student affairs and so on.

  The University’s insistence on the quality of instruction, as well as scientific research and publications in high-quality international journals in all disciplines has been an encouraging factor to attract graduate students from all parts of Mazandaran and from around the country.

  After nearly two decades since its establishment, Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University has recorded outstanding achievements and evolved rapidly into a leading University in the north. It is made up from three faculties namely the Faculty of Technical Engineering, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Resources , and hosts 47 major fields of study in A.D., B.A./B.Sc. and M.A./M.Sc. programs including split and non-split , more than 3500 students and several buildings covering an area of 16000 square meters on a total property land area of 66000 square meters equipped with office automation system, fiber optics network, computer sites, labs, workshops, and central library (with more than 30000 technical books).


  Programms at the AD, BA/Bsc. and MA/Msc. levels:


  * Private Law (M. A.)

  * Jurisprudence and Private Law (M. A.)

  * Jurisprudence and Criminal Law (M. A.)

  * English Language Teaching (TEFL) (M. A.)

  * Economics Sciences (M. A.)

  * Accounting (M. A.)

  * Financial Accounting (M. A.)

  * Civil Engineering (B. Sc.; M. Sc.)

  * Electronics Engineering (B. Sc.; M. Sc.)

  * Public Law (B. A.)

  * Power Electrical Engineering (B. Sc.; M. Sc.)

  * English Language Translation (B. A.)

  * Accounting (B. A.)

  * Scientific & Applied Accounting (B. A.; Discontinuous)

  * Industrial Management (B. A.)

  * Engineering Technology (Electrical Engineering; Transmission & Distribution Networks) (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  * Engineering Technology (Electrical Engineering; Transmission & Distribution Networks) (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  * Control & Instrumentation Engineering (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  *  Energy Engineering (B. Sc.)

  * Industrial Engineering (B. Sc.)

  * Computer Engineering (Software) (A. D.; B. Sc.)

  * Computer Engineering (Hardware) (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  * Information & Communication Technology (ICT) (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  * Information Technology Engineering (B. Sc.)

  * Architectural Technology Engineering (B. A.; Discontinuous)

  * Architectural Engineering (B. A.)

  * Mechanical Engineering (B. Sc.)

  * Civil Engineering Technology (B. Sc.; Discontinuous)

  * Biomedical Engineering (B. Sc.)

  * Accounting (A. D.)

  * Technical Electronics (A. D.)

  * Electronics (A. D.)

  * Architecture (A. D.)

  * Architectural Drafting (A. D.)

  * Computer Engineering (A. D.)

  * Civil Technician Engineering (A. D.)



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