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:: About the City of Nour ::
 | Post date: 2013/07/2 | 

  About the City of Nour
Geographical position of the city of Nour


  City Noor with the area of ​​ 974/2 square kilometers and a population of about 100 thousand people has been located between the two mountains and plains , and geographic location 26/51 east longitude and 47/36 north latitude. Highest mountain , the summit of the mountain with an altitude of 4721 meters, the main rivers are the Noor river and Lavij river. The vegetation is divided into three parts , which includes the city of Noor plains with forests and rice fields , mountains and rainforest covered mountains of north central and south weak vegetation.



  Historical Background



  Since the history of Noor during the past centuries to the Ghajar time is not separated from the cities of Nowshahr and CHaloos, the eastern regions of Royan and Rostamdar; nowadays is called Noor. The root of this name is not clear upon researches. In some resources from 7-8 centuries Hijri in the historical chronology we face the Ghale’ Noor ( Castle of Noor) and its regions. During the Safavian’s time, some generalization affected this name, and in the Naseri’s time all the mountainous and plain areas, were called Noor. The root for its name is sometimes referred to as upon its rivers shining and castles. After Islamic time, seek dice bounce of bits converted to Islam and Shi'ism were on the right and the government established Alawite Shias along with other areas of the embryo and Natel Tabarestan had an active role in supporting the emergence of the state.


  Scholars of Noor

  In the Noor , many big names were some of the celebrities we broadly identify below :

  1.One of the most prominent scholars of Ibn Sina

  2. abolhasane nateli








  5. Father of Modern Poetry




















The city of Noor Since the formation of the glorious Islamic Revolution and during the eight years of Holy Defense, Along with other parts of the country contributed mightily to defend the Revolution which revealed that nearly 600 martyrs among 29 martyred priest, among which there are students and educational clerks, such as Abbas ali Nategh Noori, representative of the city who passed away in 7 of Tir. Martyr Aliasghar Puladi; Yunes Fatemi; Khalil Zalpuli, Jafar Sepehri, and Mola Engineer Ebrahim Fayazi who gave their lives to Islam.
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