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:: Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs ::
 | Post date: 2015/10/3 | 

  Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs: Mrs. Hojjati




  The main goals of the Vice Chancellery for Financial and Administrative Affairs are:


  Ø Creating joy and passion at workplaces

  Ø Providing welfare facilities for the employees and academic members

  Ø Respecting the clients and responding to their demands

  Ø Emphasis on sticking to the rules and regulations

  Ø Monitoring administrative and financial discipline at all levels

  Ø Organizing, foreseeing and planning

  Ø Coordinating and leading the administrative and financial activities of the university

  Ø Arranging guidelines, strategies and administrative and financial policies in accordance with the approvals

  Ø Cooperation in finalizing and monitoring the annual budget of the university

  Ø Observing the enactment of the provisions in the organizational regulations, instructions and circulars

  Ø Monitoring the executive performances

  Ø Tackling over the encountered problems and advancing the sublime goals of the university

  Ø Removing any obstacles which might hinder the smooth progression of the university’s educational, student and research affairs


  The major activities of this office are:


  Ø Examining and deciding on the signed agreements between the university and the clients and contractors including student contracts, counseling contracts, equipments purchasing contracts, contracts of dormitory rent, gymnasium and laboratories, educational, administrative and financial contracts, construction contracts and internet, intranet and telecommunication contracts

  Ø Welfare services to the employees:

  - preparing administrative, employment and financial circulars and regulations

  - implementing the job classification plan and monitoring its update

  - monitoring the preparation of employee’s educational needs and holding instructional ICDL courses for the university’s staff

  - hiring new employees and academic members

  - employees’ accident and supplementary health insurance

  - life insurance

  - organizing educational, administrative and financial automation courses

  - affairs related to the reception of bank loans

  - affairs related to the construction of the university’s main campus

  - preparing the personnel contracts

  - assessment of the finalized financial documents to ensure appropriateness of the included items and their compliance with the related regulations

  - payment of the academic members’ and employees’ salaries

  - launching administrative and financial automation system

  - launching the internet-based unit-credit selection system for the students and internet payment

  - designing and updating the university’s website at

  - maintenance of internet system and offering computer-related logistical support

  - supervising the provision of computer services, maintenance and providing computer accessories across the university units

  - solving the employment problems of the personnel within the scope of the responsibility

  - setting preparatory affairs related to different occasions like student celebrations, religious ceremonies, Iftari and Sahari meals (in Ramadan), graduation ceremony, conferences and exhibitions

  - preparing updated information and statistics of the university for different offices, organizations and administrations of Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

  - managing the affairs related to construction, maintenance, transportation and service operations

  - managing affairs related to the establishment of the faculties

  - proposing new graduate and undergraduate majors

  - required activities for the establishment of Publication Center and paving the way for the publication of academic members’ textbooks

  - continuous monitoring of the personnel under supervision

  - holding monthly sessions to hear and solve the personnel problems


  Ø The following organization chart displays the hierarchical structure of the Vice Chancellery for Financial and Administrative Affairs:








  Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs




  Accounting Unit


  Registrar Office


  Personnel office


  Logistics Unit


  Computer Logistics Unit


  Financial manager


  Administrative manager


  Manager of Computer Logistics Center




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