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:: The Office of Education Administration and Evaluation ::
 | Post date: 2015/07/5 | 

  The Office of Education Administration and Evaluation


  Director : Mr. Isaac Ahinejad

  Ext. No .: 336



  ● Monitoring the assigned tasks to the affiliated units

  ● Conducting strategic planning to improve the quantity and quality of the University's education services

  ● Coordinating with the Vice-chancellery to organize the educational services

  ● Coordinating with other sections of the University to undertake the related measures

  ● Implementing the educational development plan at the beginning of each academic year



  Department of planning, monitoring and evaluation:


  Director : Mr. Abbasali Mohammadi

  Secretary : Mrs. Mahboubeh Darvish

  Ext. No .: 330



  ● Planning two semesters plus a summer term for each academic year

  ● Calculating the tuition rate for the teachers at each academic semester

  ● Monitoring the registration and credit selection processes during each academic semester

  ● Maintaining high levels of quality assurance including the course evaluation and content assessment of the pamphlets and teaching materials

  ● Supervising the performance of timed educational programs

  ● Receiving the complaints and criticism from the students and following them up if necessary

  ● Coordinating the examination and assessment affairs


  Coordinators of Engineering Majors: (A.D., B.Sc. & M.Sc.)

  Ext. No .: 332


  Mrs. Akram Eslami

  Majors : Architectural Technology Engineering , Civil Engineering , Civil Engineering Technology , Civil Technician Engineering , Information & Communication Technology (Hardware & Software) , and Information Technology Engineering.


  Mrs. Mahnaz Jahanshahi

  Majors : Computer Engineering , Electronics Engineering , Power Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology , Information Technology Engineering, Technical Electronics, Electronics, and Control & Instrumentation Engineering.


  Mr. Rahim Omranzadeh

  Majors : Natural Resources Engineering, Environment , Fisheries, Forestry , Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Architectural Drafting.


  Coordinators of Humanities Majors: (A.D., B.A. & M.A.)

  Ext. No .: 322


  Mrs. Masoumeh Ghavidel

  Majors : Public Law, Private Law, Jurisprudence and Private Law, Jurisprudence and Criminal Law, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Economics Sciences, Accounting, Financial Accounting,


  Mr. Houshang Shah Hosseini

  Majors : Accounting (B.A. & A.D.), Industrial Engineering (B.A.),



  Department of Examinations, Graduates and Draftees


  Director : Mr. Kourosh Hosseinpour

  Ext. No .: 326


  Clerks : Mr. Saber Alizadeh, Mr. Nematollah Rezaei, Ali Akbar Tavakoli and Mrs. Sima Fayazi


  Responsibilities :

  ● Administering the exams for two semesters and a summer term each year

  ● Issuing temporary certificates of graduation and degrees for different programs

  ● Issuing and revoking certificates of educational exemption for the students

  ● Issuing educational verification for graduates



  Department of Graduate Studies and Educational Development


  Director : Mrs. Zahra Eslami

  Ext. No.: 233



  ● Managing and monitoring the affairs related to the postgraduate students including their registration, educational status, etc.

  ● Organizing and managing the affairs related to the theses and specialized seminars

  ● Strategic planning for the purpose of promoting the quality of education in different fields of study

  ● Liaising with the educational departments for the better planning of student courses

  ● Liaising with the Education Headquarters to implement the educational procedures including the examination

  ● Liaising with the Department of Graduate Studies to supervise the graduate students' affairs

  ● Liaising with the Vice-chancellery for Research to supervise the quality of projects and seminars


  Coordinator of Engineering Majors: Mr. Enayatollah Yazdani

  Ext. No .: 226


  Majors : Accounting, Economics, Electronics Engineering.


  Coordinator of Humanities Majors: Mrs. Farah Kheiri

  Ext. No .: 223


  Majors : Private Law, Jurisprudence and Private Law, Jurisprudence and Criminal Law, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Civil Engineering





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