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  Advice services


  Dealing with various life issues there are, personal, familial, social, educational , religious, and legal .... Challenging and often with a sense of dissatisfaction , confusion , anxiety, desperation and helplessness . We have found from experience that living alone is a good way to regulate various issues. Sometimes it is possible to solve the problem, the help of family, friends , and family will enjoy , but getting professional help to control the problem better and faster does the trick with less chance of error provides. Login to start university student , due to major changes in different areas of life for the conditions which makes for the person, is usually stressful and sometimes there may be no certain supportive resource which leads to crisis for the students.


  The advice center of Allame Mohaddes Noori Institute according to the above-mentioned necessities and in purpose of helping students in such cases, has started working from Esfand of 1390 in the vice Chancellor of Students and cultural and is ready to give advice services in the fields of Psychology , Health Psychology for the University students and staff.


  the institute’s activities can be divided into 2 categories of A: Counseling and Therapy and B: Mental Health.

  In the counseling and therapy, Counseling services to be performed with attendance. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions provided that you are more familiar with the nature of services. Mental health services as well as the compilation and publication of brochures , CDs, books, manuals , workshops , and seminars are performed . Items are available in the website to be printed.



  Who is counselor?

  What happens in the counseling meeting?

  What kinds of problems does the counselor solve?

  Are the information classified?


  Who is counselor?

 A group of trained and experienced experts who are working in the advice center in order to help people with a wide spectrum of problems. The counselors with a personal or multiple approach, such as setting the ground for new positive changes in a person, starting a study or a frank and friendly talk….and also about educational issues, emotional, family, religious, communicational and juridical. What happens in a counseling meeting? The counselor shows you a development process upon which the person can gain help and find his own goals. He can achieve a good decision making quality and solve his own personal, social and educational issues.


 Counsel does not mean giving advice, the counselor looks for helping you so that the issue which make you concerned or worried, get solved and dissolved. They help you focus and find a good perception of your world. Their role is to support, understand, listen and answer without judgment or criticism. He helps you to identify your own feelings in cases which are hidden deep down in your personality. He can help you with decision making and selection or the changes in your life which are best for you.


  What kinds of problems does the counselor solve?

 A counselor helps you with your personal, communicational, and identity ; Such as anxiety, stress, and depression, communicational and family problems, sexual and identity issues. A counselor can also help you with problems such as; Adapting to a new culture , dealing with difficult situations , difficult decisions and choices and specific problems such as drug addiction. Do not wait until the situation gets worse, we prefer a student come to us when the problem is at its minimum level so that we can analyze and solve it quickly.


  Confidential counseling

  What you do in the first session and during the counseling sessions , is totally classified. will not be repeated Under normal conditions, anything , to anyone else , out of the center without your explicit permission . Rarely , there are circumstances that we reserve the right to let you know that breaches confidentiality . In this situation , only the items included may be specified , or another serious threat to your health. Factual information in the form of counseling sessions and initial consultation you provide , may be collected without nominal form statistics regarding use of the Service Center. In some Cases , to evaluate the performance of the comments referred to the center, the center may use questionnaires , by mail or in person is available to you. You can fill out the questionnaire by name or no name.

  Counseling appointment

  The advice center staff are available in Saturday, and Wednesday, from 9 A.M.( Females ) A.M. to 12 P.M. and Tuesdays from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. (Males).

Counseling appointment are done online.
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